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Audience in Lecture

Answering  complex questions for
Christian singles.

Our Ask-a-Abstinologist services are available for blogs, podcasts, panels, television, and radio audiences and consists of us answering hot topic questions about sex, dating, marriage prep, waiting and Sexual Sabbaticals.



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Sex Educator, Chief Abstinologist & Founder of the School of Abstinology

Why Your Podcast Needs an

Ask-a-Abstinologist™ Episode

You've probably never talked to anyone like me, a former sex addict turned Abstinologist which is why you should have me as a guest! I understand the difficulty of leaving a highly pleasurable and profitable sex life which means I'm able to address your listeners concerns. I also know first-hand the questions your audience will have about embarking on their first successful Sexual Sabbatical. I say first because many have tried abstinence and failed. That's because they've probably never seen anyone model abstinence quite like me. Plus your listeners will have the opportunity to Ask-a-Abstinologist™ hard-hitting questions.

As your invited guest, we can customize a wow-able episode together on topics ranging from hypersexuality, sexual identity, sex in the Bible, how to plan a sexual sabbatical™, and yes, self-sex.  I'm even available for recurring episodes as your Resident Chief Abstinologist.

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What 20 Years Without Sex Taught Me

You read that right. I'm on my 20th year of abstinence. 20 years, 7 months ...of no sex, and that includes with myself. Within that time, I have learned so much about myself and believe or not, God has taught me even more about marriage and men. It took me being alone - WITH GOD - to not only learn able all of that but to also find out who I really was...apart from my sexual identity. Before I went on my sexual sabbatical™, I was an award-winning Sextress™. I was the chick with the mad sex skills. But who was I really – apart from sex? Though I didn't understand the importance of my sexual identity, sexual orientation has become a point of contention within the church, and congress, which is why as someone who understands both the pleasures of sex and the absence of it, it would be my absolute joy to walk your audience through the low's, high's, goodbye's and the spiritual side affects of sex.

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What Qualifies Me to Teach

I received my life coaching certification in 2017 from the Tony Gaskins Academy; one of the nation's foremost coaching academies specializing in all things love and relationships. Along with my certification, I've authored a wait book for women entitled, The Reality of Sexual Purity', written two marriage prep books entitled, Girl, Get Your Mind Rightand Girl, Your Future Husband is Coming!, in addition to a prayer guide entitled, 119 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives. I've also served as an Abstinence Workshop Facilitator and written Outercourse Curriculum entitled, 'Outersex Education for Dad's (and Mom's): Becoming A Wait Coach in the Game of Sex', which teaches parents how to have that ever-so-awkward sex talk with their daughter's along with a companion playbook and working journal for teen girls (ages 13-18) entitled, Girl, You’re Not Ready! A No-nonsense Guide to Guys and the Game. And I didn't leave the kiddos out! I've also written a children's book entitled, 'Male and Female Kids: A Kid's Book About the Basics of Gender' which walks K-3 students through the scriptures to help them get a basic understanding of gender.

And did I mention that I'm a former sex addict with over 19 years of sexual abstinence experience? Yes, 19 which means I have a level of sexual mastery and a proven experiential track record that eludes most Dating/Singles Coaches, Sexologists, Sex Counselors and Therapists. As an Abstinologist, it is not my goal to push anyone into abstinence for an extended period of time. Not. At. All. My goal is to simply empower and to impart the sexual wisdom God has given me in the absence of it.

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