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Faith-based outercourse education for kids, teens and adults.

About the School

Our Wait School started off a period of abstinence for our founder, Staci Sweet. In May 2013 a client asked if she would teach at a Women's Conference she was hosting. Though Staci was in her 11th year of abstinence, she didn't think it was something she could teach but agreed anyway. While listening in on the sessions, she quickly saw that both she nor the conference host, who had a phenomenal women's ministry, were equipped to answer the legitimate questions the ladies had. After an uplifting and encouraging conversation with her BMF, she became convinced me that she needed to take her abstinency seriously and began to pray about how she could help other single women of faith. Shortly thereafter, the Spirit of the Lord revealed that she should...

...only teach what the Bible says about sexual issues, and not her opinion. Make it applicable and relatable to the times, but let the Word do what only the Word can do.

She also began to receive ideas, insights and concepts into how the school would operate and whom the school would touch.

Though Staci knew the church needed the teachings, God began to reveal that so did those in game such as prostitutes, strippers and victims of sex trafficking and assault, so she started researching the sex industry and in 2015, discovered that the game had been parlayed into a publicly traded $17 per share corporation. Strip clubs had made their way to Wall Street and were commanding a lion share of the adult entertainment market.


Fast forward to 2019 and both strip and host/hostess clubs were a $167 annual billion dollar industry* while prostitution had grown to a $186 billion dollar industry*, annually. On top of that, as of 2022, adult digital content (i.e. porn sites), is now generating $44 billion* annually and we haven't even factored in the annual revenues of sex toys, social posts and magazines. And unfortunately, sex trafficking profits have skyrocketed to $99 billion dollars annually*.

With that in mind, it only made sense that God would have something to counter the physical, psychological, and more importantly, spiritual devastation caused by the industry, and one of those something's is Wait School.    

Wait School is a for-profit, faith-based, minority/woman-owned, online wait school specializing in Outercourse Education for kids, teens, single women of faith and adult entertainers. We provide... 

Though we provide Ask-a-Abstinologist, consulting, coaching, and advocacy services, our school model is totally online and totally self-paced as our primary focus in on Abstinology®. 

What is Abstinology ?


Abstinology® is a comprehensive biblical study of sex, abstinence and sexual purity. It is an in-depth exploration into the origin, purpose, and intricacies of sex with an emphasis on the non-penetrative activities known as outercourse. Our school's mission is not to dissuade students from having sex, because inevitably they will. The objective of our courses is to ensure that both teen and adult students understand the purpose, spiritual side effects and the mathematics behind it and to help those in the adult entertainment industry, sexual assault survivors, and victims of sex trafficking understand that sexual purity can be a reality. Visit our School Library.

There are 13 types of schools, from traditional public schools to Waldorf, but none devoted exclusively to teaching teens and single women of faith, how to wait. Welcome to Wait School!

Financial Disclosure

Wait School™ is a for-profit school. Though we'd prefer your support purchasing our products and partnering with our consultancy, all investments, gifts, contributions, and donations should be made payable to Wait School. We are a tithing institution which means 10% of your support will go to support other churches and/or outreaches. The remaining portion will be used for operational costs which include, but not limited to publishing, overhead, equipment, and travel. Again, we are a for-profit institution and have opted not to obtain a 501(c)3 tax exemption, which means your contributions are not tax deductible. You will, however, receive an online receipt as well as our end of the year financial statement so that you can see how your money was spent.

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