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Abstinology® is the comprehensive biblical study of sex, abstinence and sexual purity. It is an in-depth exploration into the origin, purpose, and intricacies of sex with an emphasis on the non-penetrative activities known as outercourse. Our goal is not to dissuade teens and adults from having outersex, but to teach them when. Because if they wait on the when then everybody wins!

Youth Education & Advocacy Services

We offer:

  • Wait Advocacy for Youth Ministries & Teen Nonprofits

  • Curriculum & Program Development for Youth Ministries & Teen Nonprofits

  • Article, Blog, Social Media & Technical Writing

  • Ask-a-Abstinologist™ services for youth-centered blogs, podcasts, panels, television, and radio audiences

  • Abstinence Training of ministerial staff in Abstinology®

Wait Advocacy

Sex trafficking is a $99 billion dollar industry with over 35 million victims worldwide. Therefore, our goal is to not only educate kids and youth about the safety and protection that comes with sexual purity, but also give them the game, so that they don't fall prey to the industry. Our Abstinologists would be more than honored to partner with you to speak at organizations, rallies, legislative bodies, or wherever our services are needed.

Image by Jonas Jacobsson


Ask-a-Abstinologist™ is a unique service, designed exclusively for youth-centered blogs, podcasts, live streams, panels, small groups, conferences, television, and/or radio audiences which gives youth the opportunity to ask hot topic questions about outersex™.

Program Development

Service includes needs assessment, quantitative research and, methodology, session build outs, curriculum development, surveys, pilot delivery and revisions. Presentation and collateral material graphic design services available upon request and for an additional fee.

Neat Desk

Curriculum Development

Service includes course content and creation, lesson plans, curriculum, online setup, pilot delivery and revisions. Textbook, workbook, planners, and course content graphic design services available, upon request and for an additional fee.

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