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Abstinology® is the comprehensive biblical study of sex, abstinence and sexual purity. It is an in-depth exploration into the purpose, intricacies and mathematics behind it. At Wait School, our goal is to advocate for those desiring to leave the life and to help them live out the reality of sexual purity.

Sexual Retirement Advocacy 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The adult entertainment industry is a publicly traded industry with market revenue, as of 2019, reported at 167.6 billion. With market shares ranging from sex toys, social posts, websites, magazines, strip clubs, host/hostess clubs and prostitution, unbeknownst to those within the industry, they, themselves are the commodities being publicly traded. Because the industry is so lucrative, we understand our approach has to be viable which is why we offer Sexual Retirement Advocacy for ministries and nonprofits advocating for the adult entertainment industry.

We offer:

Sexual Retirement Advocacy

With sex trafficking being a $99 billion dollar industry and over 35 million victims worldwide, our goal is to not only teach women how to be sexually pure, but how to recover spiritually from the psychological devastation. so as not to fall prey to the industry. We would be more than honored to partner with you to speak at organizations, rallies, legislative bodies, or wherever our services are needed.

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We've been waiting to pray for you. No judgement. No condemnation. 

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