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Ask-a-Abstinologist Services

Ask-a-Abstinologist is a unique service, designed exclusively for blogs, podcasts, live streams, panels, small groups, conferences, television, and/or radio audiences which gives hosts, and listeners, the opportunity to ask hot topic questions about outersex. Our Abstinologists™ are former sex addicts who also struggled with drug addictions. We too have had fetishes for bad boys and have also lived sex-for-pay lifestyles. Therefore, we're well versed and experienced on the in's and out of outersex™, and understand both the pleasures and the absence of it which is why we're able to answer your listeners questions about the low's, high's, and the goodbye's of outersex.

Singles Topics

​​​​50 Reasons to Consider a Sexual Sabbatical

Abstinology® 101

Being Alone

How to Heal a Broken Heart

How to Replace Sex

Sexual Obesity

Stuff Single Women Should Consider Before Saying I Do

The Reason You’re Still Having Sex 

The Side Chick Phenomena

Why You Can't Keep Your Legs Closed

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Risque' Topics


Forgiving Yourself

Self-sex, Sex Toys and Idolatry

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Habits & Triggers

The Making of a Whore

Vaginal Healing

Why Are You Acting Like a Whore?

Spiritual Vaginal Cleansing

For Adult Entertainment Professionals

Retiring From the Game of Sex

How to Leave a Sex-for-Pay Lifestyle

Your Real Identity…Apart from Sex

Sexual Accountability

Even You Can Be Made Pure

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Bisexuality and Lesbianism

Sexual Identity

For the Church

What is Sex and Is It In the Bible?

The Reason Church Folk Are Still Having Sex

How to Teach Outersex in Church

Alone Time With God

What Life Without Sex Looks Like

Image by Debby Hudson

Parental & Teens

Awkward Sexual Conversations With Your Kids

How Your Sexual History Impacts Your Children

Wait Coaching for Girl Dad's

Wait Coaching for Mom's

Wait Coaching for Parents

Why Traditional Sex Education Fails

No-nonsense Chats about Guys and the Game (for teens)

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