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Abstinology® is the comprehensive biblical study of sex, abstinence and sexual purity. It is an in-depth exploration into the purpose, intricacies and mathematics behind it. In Wait School, our goal is to help those in the adult entertainment industry understand the spiritual side effects of outersex, prepare their exit strategy into what God created them to do, while to showing them how to live out the reality of sexual purity.

Sexual Retirement Coaching™

The adult entertainment industry is a publicly traded industry with market revenue, as of 2019, reported at $167.6 billion. With market shares ranging from sex toys, social posts, websites, magazines, strip clubs, host/hostess clubs and prostitution, unbeknownst to those within the industry, they, themselves are the commodities being publicly traded. Because the industry is so lucrative, we understand our approach has to be viable which is why we offer Sexual Retirement Coaching™ for those desiring to leave the life.

We offer:

  • Sexual Retirement™ Playbooks & Prayer Guides (coming soon)

  • Sexual Retirement Coaching™ for women desiring to leave the adult entertainment industry

  • Texual Coaching™ for the booked and busy

  • Sexual Retirement™ Advocacy for Outreaches in the Adult Entertainment Industry

  • Ask-a-Abstinologist™ services for transformative blogs, podcasts, panels, television, and radio audiences impacting the adult entertainment industry

Sexual Retirement™ Education & Advocacy

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Sexual Retirement Coaching™

Similar to Wait Coaching, Sexual Retirement Coaching is specialized support coaching designed to help adult entertainment professionals identify sexual triggers, establish sexual expectations, reset  sexual standards, all while holding you accountable for your sexual behavior and performances on top of helping you prepare for your exit from the industry.


With strip and host/hostess clubs reporting $167 billion dollar* annually and prostitution being a $186 billion dollar industry*, we don't pretend that your exit strategy has to be viable. Yet the reality is that we offer no guarantee on your future earning potential. What we can offer is the comfort in knowing that we will work diligently with you to prepare your exit strategy and will coach you into your purpose because therein lies your true financial success.


Textual Coaching™ 

Textual Coaching™ is specialized support 'text' coaching for the blessed and the booked. It gives busy women of faith the opportunity to text a Wait Coach pre-date, post encounter, and more importantly, during those hot and heavy moments. Simply schedule the hours of your date and we'll be there to discreetly support and walk you through your interlude...via text.

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Sexual Retirement™ Advocacy

With sex trafficking being a $99 billion dollar industry and over 35 million victims worldwide, our goal is to not only teach women how to be sexually pure, but how to recover spiritually from the psychological devastation, so as not to fall prey to the industry. We would be more than honored to partner with you to speak at organizations, rallies, legislative bodies, or wherever our services are needed.

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