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True Submission

As a wife, God expects you to submit to your husband in the same way you submit to Him. Why? Because you can only be as submissive to your man as you are to God. So if you haven’t submitted yourself; and I mean all of you – spirit, soul, body and wallet – to Jesus; you’ll never be able to do it for your husband.

Financial Submission - Say for instance, you don’t tithe. If you were to marry a godly man who tithes and honors God ‘with his possessions and with the first fruits of all [his] increase’ (Pro 3:9) and he decides y’all (I’m from Texas) are going to do so as a couple; you won’t be able to submit and obey because you haven’t submitted your finances (or your wallet) to God prior to the marriage.

Verbal Submission - If you’re loud and tell it like it is or if you’re talkative and constantly interrupt as a fiancée, you’ll continue to do so as a wife. You won’t be able to submit your mouth to your husband’s because you’ve never submitted it to God. (Click here for more on this)

Sexual Submission - If you’re having premarital sex you probably won’t be able to submit your body sexually either. This may be due to the fact that you’re accustomed to using it to get what and who you want; and with that being the case, you’ll probably withhold sex and use it to try control the marriage; simply because you never submitted it to God.

Submission has to be practiced and as a single woman, now is the time. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you’ll automatically become submissive. You have to practice tithing. You have to make a conscious decision to not talk so much and just sit there and let other people complete their sentences. You have to practice keeping your legs closed and practice abstinence now; before your husband will ever find you. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing…’ (Pro 18:22) That one takes a little more than practice, but we’ll discuss that in future issues.

So you see, one of the reasons you may be having problems in your marriage or why you're still single is because you haven’t submitted yourself totally to God. So how can you start?

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I know I haven’t been obeying You as I should. I haven’t been tithing, I’ve been running my mouth and I’ve been having premarital sex. Lord, in every area where I’ve not submitted myself to You completely, will You please forgive me and give me the grace to do so? In Jesus’ name.

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