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Thirsty Females

Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” The woman said to Him, “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw.” (John 4:13-15, NKJV)

When you’re thirsty, your body is telling you that it has a need for liquid. The woman at the well thought she was coming to draw water for her physical needs but the Lord knew she needed living water for her spirit. Jesus knew she was thirsty and she’d been trying to quench her thirst with men. Today, there’s a term used to describe these types of women and interestingly enough it’s called ‘thirsty.’

hirsty females are desperate for attention. And in an effort to quench their thirst, they end up going through several men. Their spirit is dehydrated and they want the living water. But instead of coming to Jesus, they end up at the club, glass (or spirit) in hand, drunk in love with someone - that’s not their husband. And after the sex is over or the newness wears off, they’ve got a hangover of STD’s, lies, and shame.

You might be wondering why I know so much about thirsty females; that’s because I was one. From the time I was thirteen until I was thirty-two, I drank whatever my home girls were drinking. They liked ‘Long Island Ice Tea™’ type dudes with long criminal records; so I took a ‘shot’ of them. If ole boy wanted ‘Sex On The Beach™’ on the first night, then I’d ‘toast’ to that! It didn’t matter the ‘toxicity level’ of his life or the fact that he was thirsty too; all I needed was ‘proof’ he had money. And if he was willing to pour some of that ‘good’ into the cup of my spirit, I was down for whatever. But by the grace of God, at the age of thirty-two, I met Jesus at the well and He asked me if I wanted to ‘po up’ and I’ve been on that living water and abstinent ever since.

Maybe you’re a thirsty female or just like to take a little sip of premarital sex every now and then. Whatever your premarital sexual beverage, your spirit is trying to tell you that its thirsty. And the only thing that can satisfy it is the living water of God.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me for the times I’d gotten drunk off of wine, men, and premarital sex. My drinking is to the point that I laugh and excuse my promiscuity. I know that whether I’ve been with 5 men or 105; I know you created me for 1 – my husband. Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that I don't thirst any longer. Teach me how to drink Your living water so that I can live a sexually pure life. In Jesus’ name.

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