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National Side Chick Day

Someone posted on Facebook, that Friday was National Side Chick Day. When I read that, I couldn’t help but snickle. Why? Because I use to be one. I played the side piece to many a married man. I was even the side, side piece. That’s when you play your position next to the married man, his wife and his main chick. Yeah, your girl was ‘bout that life’. But after 18 years of going hard for someone else’s man and playing the role of the Supportive Side Piece, I soon grew tired of playing my part.

And unbeknownst to many of you, you are too. I know some of you high maintenance, well-educated, and career oriented women may be thinking that you've never been a Side Chick; that your man is faithful and you’re his one and only; but can I tell you something? If that is not the man God created you for, then you are a Side Chick (in my Maury Povich voice). But how?Because that’s not your man.Though you’re in a committed monogamous relationship – if that is not the man God created you for; you’re sleeping with somebody else’s man and therefore, are by default - a Side Chick. Oh I know you don't want to hear this on Valentine’s Day, so get your copy of my new book, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life Before, During, and After Sex.' But until you get your copy...

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, though I’m in a committed, monogamous relationship, I know this is not Your best for me. Please forgive and help me to become the sexually pure woman You want me to be; so that I can be the Sexually Pure Bride You created me to be. In Jesus’ name.

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