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Girls, IUD's, and Exposed Legs

In a recent report by Fox Insider News, it was discovered that thirteen Seattle schools are now offering girls, as young as 11, reversible contraceptives; particularly IUD’s – Intrauterine Devices for birth control. Eleven! The statewide program states that if the 11-year-old child doesn't choose abstinence, then she has the right to decide if she wants to have the device inserted; without parental consent. Eleven! I watched as the panel; which consisted of four women, pose questions and concerns about the long term affects these long acting reversible contraceptives could have on the girls’ health.

As I listened, my focus slowly shifted to the fact that their hair, nail, and shoe game was on fleek. And from the looks of their perfectly toned legs, you could tell that each knew their way around the gym. As the interview progressed, each chimed in with their opinions; upset and appalled at the message this would send to the girls. Unbeknownst to them, though their words were filled with love and concern, their attire overshadowed their message. Though to their credit, no one revealed a bit of cleavage, but their leg game left hardly nothing for the imagination. Beautiful and brilliant in their own right, each sat with their legs crossed and exposed; as the hems of their skirts were no less than six inches from the knee. If those impressionable girls were to see these women speak so eloquently and passionately about their plight, would they remember their words or their three inch heels?

I'm sure these women did their very best to dress as modesty as they could. And I pray this doesn’t come across as judgmental; but we cannot continue to send mixed messages to our babies. If you 'lookin-like-you-lookin’ in front of your daughter while at the same time telling her to keep her legs closed; then that's what you're doing. I know that fashion dictates otherwise; but at some point we have got to send a clear message and set a better fashion example for our girls; because that's what they're going to remember.

Am I saying that you shouldn't dress this way? Absolutely not! But when I was a child, I was told I couldn't wear my hair down in the back until I was in the fifth grade. I was told don't even think about wearing make-up until high school and don't come asking to date until you're at least 17. There were guidelines that served as guideposts and this is the message we should send to our girls. Let them know yes, you can get contraceptives and yes, you can have sex - when you're married. Yes, you can show a little leg; when you're grown. Let’s be more concerned with our girls’ psychological and spiritual health than we are about prancing around in our freakum dresses while we complain about what the school system is exposing our babies to.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please help me to pay more attention to my daughter and niece’s spiritual health than I do to their sexual health. Show me how to raise my baby in the fear and admonition of You. Give me creative ways to parent so that both my child and I will enjoy serving You. In Jesus’ name.

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