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Four Girls on a Poster

On my way to church today, I saw a poster of four girls who were missing. Though I prayed for their safe return, I actually took the time to really think about their situation because I too once went missing. Only they didn’t call it missing back in the day; I just ran away. Not saying that this applies to all those girls, but surely some weren’t kidnapped or taken against their will. Like me, lust made them leave or a desire for quick cash. I use the term lust because they were lusting when they mistakenly thought they were in love. Whomever these ‘guys’ or even ‘chicks’ were, made them believe they’d have to leave home to start their new lives together. Unfortunately, once out of state, they found out that the love of their life was a tennis shoe or gorilla pimp in the making, or even worse, a real-life sex trafficker.

After a while, you can’t help but wonder, what’s on their mind. There has to be a side of them that believes they can’t go back home. They have to blame themselves for what they’re going through because they ran away. They weren’t forced to do anything…at first. They left on their own volition. So how can they come home knowing that? I wanted to see if there was any precedence for this in the Word and I was reminded of the prodigal son in Matthew 15:11-32. Like the prodigal son, they left their parent’s house in search of riotous living; only to end up in a pimp’s pigpen. It wasn’t until ‘he came to himself’, that he realized he didn’t have to live that way. Prayerfully, these babies will too.

But what if after they come to themselves, they’re still leery of going home? What if after they leave, they just want to come home to a quiet life with no problems. They’re officially ‘missing’ which means the police are involved. Therefore, if they do come back, they know an investigation will ensue and charges will be brought against their pimps or traffickers and right now all they want is to get out quietly. No matter how much you might not agree, you have to respect their position; especially after everything they’ve experienced and because of the type of people they’re dealing with. Those babies have to feel trapped and I don’t know about you, but I can’t sit by and not do anything, and neither can you. So why don’t we pray for these babies?

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, like the prodigal son came to himself, I thank You that those who ran away and are now being trafficked will come to themselves as well. Though I don’t ask for it, I thank You that when they come to their pigpen moment, when they realize they no longer have to be afraid, I thank You that You’ll safely direct them back home where they’ll be welcomed. In Jesus’ name.

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