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Courage To Leave

I think I may have been one of the few people that didn’t have the opportunity to see TLC’s ‘The Sisterhood®’ when it first aired; but I had the opportunity to do so this past weekend.

What impacted me the most is when Domonique went back to visit her old pimp. For those of you who may not know, Domonique is a Pastors Wife, former drug addict and prostitute whose father pimped her out for $20 and a case of beer who then later runs away and ends up turning her first trick at the age of 14.

Upon her return, she decides she needs closure and returns to her old hood in search of her old pimp, J Baby. Again, what impacted me the most is that several years have passed and J Baby is still there. He was there when she was 14 and now she’s 46 and he’s still therein the same place. She told of how when she was in a trap (drug house) that God told her that if she didn’t leave right then, that she would dietherein that place. She said she immediately got up, walked out and never came back; that it was just that easy.

As I thought about what she said, I realized that the grace and the anointing was there for THAT TIME and if she didn’t accept the truth right THEN, that TIME would have passed and she would have diedright therein that place. Because of God’s goodness, I know there had to have been a time when He reached out to her old pimp but unlike Domonique – he refused and as a result; he’s still there32 years later - in the same place.

Maybe there’s something God’s dealing with you about; a particular situation, person, or place. Maybe like Domonique, He’s giving you the opportunity, provision, and courage to get out of that situation and leave that person or place. The anointing, grace and faith to do it is available now; it's here and may never come again. But will you be like Domonique, accept the truth and move on or will you be like J Baby the pimp and be in that same situation, with that same person, in that exact place - 32 years from today? Pray this with me...

Heavenly Father, will You please help me to do what You've placed on my heart. I'm not going to ignore You and play like I don't hear what You're telling me to do. I thank You for the grace, anointing, provision, courage, and faith to do what must be done. In Jesus' name.

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