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A Submitted Mouth

I was watching an episode of ‘Let’s Pray®’ (see video below) with studio executive and author, Devon Franklin and his wife, actress Meagan Good speak of their much publicized marriage. During the interview I kept noticing that Meagan was holding her man down; I mean she literally had her hand on his back while he answered the majority of the interviewer’s questions.

Well, for those of you that don’t know, my last name is Sweet which means I was born suspicious; I keep my big eye on everybody. So during the segment, I kept it on Meagan. I thought, ‘Why she not sayin’ nothin’?’ And then the Holy Spirit kinda popped me in my spiritual mouth and immediately I thought, ‘It’s because she’s actually being a good wife.’ I was like - what???

See, ordinarily when you see couples interview, the woman does one of two things; she either does all the talking or she constantly interrupts her man. Meagan did neither. In fact, I thought she was suspect because Devon asked her if she was ready to speak and she said no. I was like ‘Uhm. Why you don’t want to speak?’

But what I soon realized, is that Meagan sat there - as a woman of God - literally holding her man down. He talked and she let him. I thought that was so refreshing because as a woman who’s been celibate for 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe men and relationships from afar and one thing I’ve noticed is that women don’t let their men speak without interruption; let alone lead.

So as I watched Meagan rub her mans back and lovingly stare at him as he spoke, I realized I was watching an Ephesians 5 marriage. He was ‘the head of his wife’ (Eph 5:23) and she was ‘respecting her husband’ (Eph 5:33). I realized that by her allowing him to do the majority of the talking – without interruption – that she was actually ‘submitting to her husband.’ (Eph 5:22). She was submitting her mouth to his. We could all learn a lesson from the Franklins; because Meagan is actually teaching us all how to be ‘Good’ wives.

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