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We've been waiting to pray for you. No judgement. No condemnation. 


You may not know that you need prayer, know the power of prayer, or know what to pray for so we've made it simple. If you've....

Had black market plastic surgery and experiencing pain

Trying to leave the life and/or the dark side

Are being trafficked

Are trapped and afraid

Belong to the streets

Have an illicit addiction

Being abused

Having premarital sex

Had an abortion

Having sex with married man

Are a side chick

In a same-sex relationship, and/or...

Into polygamy

Then just know it would be our distinct privilege to pray for you. And we don't just pray, we are pray-ers. Fourth watch, 3 in the morning, tongue-talkin', scripture quoting pray-ers. So don't you dare believe that what you've done is too horrible, ratchet, and trifling that you don't deserve to be prayed for. We’ve all committed certain unconscionable acts of sin that we’d all like to forget but the God we serve is a forgiving God, and you too can be healed, rescued, delivered, and set free so just know we are on our knees for you, and we will be until you become the sexually pure daughter of the Most High God created you to be.  Until then, take a look at a chapter excerpt from 'Close Your Legs' and let it speak to your spirit.

Can We Pray For You?

We're praying for you!

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